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At Gasparian Spivey Immigration, we are passionate about our clients, the law, the state of immigration, our city, and our friends. We'd like to share our passion and thoughts with you, and we welcome your questions and feedback.

The Siren Song of Immigration Reform, 2022 Style

Nov 16, 2022

photo of graffiti that reads "No on is illegal" by Mike Guziuk

The midterm elections have passed, and there’s something about elections that makes people think again about immigration reform. As immigration lawyers, color us hopeful but skeptical. It’s unquestion...

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Notes from the October 28 LaTESOL Conference

Nov 2, 2022

LaTESOL logo screenshot for Gasparian Spivey Immigration

Last Friday, Kathleen spoke at the Louisiana Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (LaTESOL) conference in Baton Rouge. The day’s theme was “Empowering Educators of Multilingual Scholars,” a...

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Redundant Constitutional Amendment Puts Fear on the Ballot This Fall

Oct 25, 2022

screen shot of naturalization test questions for Gasparian Spivey Immigration

When Louisiana votes on December 10—not November 8, the upcoming election—Constitutional Amendment No. 1 will ask voters whether or not they want to prohibit non-U.S. citizens from being allowed ...

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Welcome Karla R. Martinez to GSI

Oct 17, 2022

Karla R Martinez Gasparian Spivey Immigration

We're pleased to introduced Karla R. Martinez, who recently joined GSI as a lawyer.  Karla understands immigration from both sides. She was born in Granada, Nicaragua and immigrated with he...

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Saying Goodbye to Lori Dowell

Oct 7, 2022

Lori For Gsi

Last weekend, we chaired the AILA Mid-South Regional Conference, and Lori Dowell and Colleen Templeton did exceptional work organizing it. It was Lori’s last task for us because she had already accept...

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