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Community Assistance

One way we help is to be part of the community. We have expertise in immigration law, but there are organizations with different specialties that can help with problems we can’t. We support these agencies and their work, and if you can, we hope you will too. If you’re an immigrant who needs the kind of help that they provide, they’re good places to start. 

  • Home is Here Nola: a community-based non-profit whose mission is to cultivate community-based systems of support with newly arrived immigrants
  • The Pro Bono Project: a non-profit whose mission is to provide free, quality civil legal services to the underserved members of our community
  • Catholic Charities: a faith-based charity that works to create a just society by welcoming the most vulnerable among us, walking beside them and working to meet their needs
  • TNOLA Languages: a team comprised of highly trained interpreters and translators of various specialties
  • Louisiana Language Access and Latino Forum: a non-profit that promotes full and meaningful participation in public life, without barriers based on language, for all people
  • Louisiana Language Access Coalition: a non-profit agency that promotes full and meaningful participation in public life, without barriers based on language, for all people
  • Our Voice Nuestro Voz: a non-profit that works to organize, mobilize and lead members in critical social, cultural, and political efforts in New Orleans
  • Project Ishmael / Hagar’s House: First Grace Community Alliance works with and for people in need, especially women and children, by meeting food, housing, and other emergency needs while simultaneously challenging systemic poverty in the Greater New Orleans area.
  • Clear Answers to Louisiana Mental Health: a public health, real-world approach with academic expertise to help Louisianans deal with mental health issues
  • Immigration Services and Legal Advocacy: a legal services organization that defends the rights of our immigrant communities and advocates for just and humane immigration policy
  • Southern Poverty Law Clinic: for more than 40 years, an organization that stands up for the powerless, the exploited and other victims of discrimination and hate
  • American Civil Liberties Union: this national organization’s mission is to realize the promise of the United States Constitution for all and expand the reach of its guarantees
  • United States Citizenship and Immigration Services: most immigration questions end up addressed by this government agency in the Department of Homeland Security, which makes it an invaluable starting point for addressing immigration questions 

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