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What Now?

As an advocate for immigration, for uniting families, for helping companies keep valued employees, for artists and musicians wanting to celebrate this country, for those seeking the protection our amazing nation offers, I am disappointed with the results of this election. I am disappointed not just because my candidate was not successful but because I realize how disconnected so many Americans feel from their government and community.

To be truthful, at this point we do not really know what the face of immigration law and policy will look like over the next few years. President-Elect Trump has proposed vague policies of building a wall, deporting millions, and implementing "extreme vetting." I am still hopeful that his nativist views mind find some tempering in the House and Senate.

Whatever comes, I will call on all of you to stand up and zealously advocate. We are a nation of laws protected by the Constitution. We can fight against inhumane enforcement actions. We can fight against abuses. We can ensure the protection of constitutional and legal rights of all within our borders. We can fight for fairness and respect. 


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