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Category: Immigration Law Issues

DeSantis' Anti-Immigration Bill Has Predictable Consequences for Florida Businesses

May 19, 2023

photo of abandoned construction site at gasparian spicey immigration

Conservatives can’t run hard enough against immigration, and as immigration lawyers we’ve received a lot of calls wondering how some states’ efforts to create a hostile environment for undocumented im...

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States Show Interest in Immigration Reform

Apr 25, 2023

photo of Utah Governor Spencer Cox at Gasparian Spivey Immigration

In the abstract, Conservatives are skeptical if not outright hostile to immigration. When the question is narrowed though, some of the opposition dissolves. Miriam Jordan of The New York Ti...

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Concerns Remain About Legal Representation for Asylum Seekers

Apr 19, 2023

photo of the US Mexico border wall by Barbara Zandoval used by Gasparian Spivey Immigration

When the Biden administration announced its plans to speed up the asylum process, the desire was understandable. In 2022, there were 1.6 million asylum claims awaiting adjudication, and that’s untenab...

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News Flash: Undocumented Immigrants Pay Taxes

Apr 3, 2023

photo of tax forms for Gasparian Spivey Immigration

When tax time approaches, it has become tradition that a media outlet looks into the relationship between undocumented immigrants and taxes. We may only be immigration attorneys, but we’re also New Or...

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A New Immigration Proposal Blooms in Iowa

Feb 8, 2023

map of the United States with Iowa highlighted for Gasparian Spivey Immigration

On Friday, The New York Times posted an op-ed by Kristie De Peña, Robert Leonard and David Oman that proposed a states-based solution to some of the United States’ immigration issues. They’re in Iowa,...

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