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Jay Z Gets Involved with Education Abroad

Jay Z’s Shawn Carter Foundation has partnered with the Institute for International Education/Gilman International Scholarship Program to help students who might otherwise not be able to study abroad to do so. The goal of the program is to get underserved students global experiences and the perspective that comes with them. 

The foundation’s website includes testimonials from students who have studied abroad through their efforts so far. After studying in Barcelona, Spain, one student wrote:

It has also allowed me to engage in the global community around me, helping me realize that I am not just a citizen of the U.S., I am a citizen of the world. I can learn so much from the people around me. There are very real issues going on worldwide, and this opened my eyes to a completely new perspective.  

Another who studied in Uganda wrote: 

Having this opportunity pushed me out of my comfort zone, and challenged me personally, academically, physically, and in many other ways I never anticipated. Not only did I get to learn about the Wandango and Uganda culture and many things about myself, but I also realized that those supporting me in America were able to live vicariously through me. 

Interested students need to apply for a Gilman International Scholarship, and they need to inform the Shawn Carter Foundation of their interest here.

We believe that the world changes one person at a time, and nothing changes people like experience. Travel and study abroad break down the stereotypes and myths we associate with other cultures, and it’s great to see Carter helping students get that opportunity. 

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