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Ringing in the New Year

Jan 13, 2016

Categories PB&J: Pro Bono & Juveniles, Louisiana Issues

Gasparian Immigration closed out 2015 with a CLE presentation with the New Orleans Bar Association titled "Immigration Fact or Fiction?". I love this presentation as I get to break some myths relating to immigration and connect immigration issues to other areas of law and other areas of concern for Louisiana.

Of course, this discussion included an update on the children and families from Central America seeking refuge in our country. Louisiana, and especially New Orleans, with its long relationship with Central America has had a large number of children and families settle in our area while they seek protection under our laws and the ability to remain in the United States.

Last night, President Obama mentioned the ongoing nature of the humanitarian crisis in Central America and the need for working solutions. Looking at a recent New York Times Article, it looks like the US is going to work the with UN to set up refugee camps to screen and process those trying to flee. There are no solid details yet, but such a program could mean great relief for those who are suffering and for our local families with kin there.

In the next few weeks, I'll be posting the full presentation and discussing some of the topics with more depth. I hope the New Year brings peace and prosperity to us all.

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