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TPS for Nepal

Jul 23, 2015

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TPS is a temporary immigration benefit that allows qualified individuals from designated countries who are in the US to stay here for a limited time period. A country may be designated for TPS based on certain conditions in the country that temporarily prevent the country’s nationals from being able to return safely, or in certain circumstances, the country’s government from being able to handle their return adequately. A TPS country designation may be based on on-going armed conflict, environmental disaster, or other extraordinary and temporary conditions in the country. In general, eligibility for TPS requires demonstrating one is a national of a designated country, was physically present in the US on a certain date, has maintained continuous residence in the US, and has timely registered for the benefit. A number of countries, such as El Salvador, Nicaragua Honduras, Haiti and Sudan, have been designated for TPS over the years and are in extension periods. TPS was recently designated for Liberia, Guinea, and Sierra Leonne and the registration period closed in May. Nepal was designated for TPS on June 24, 2015, and the registration period is open until December 21, 2015.

Today, I was very privileged to meet with a group of international students at the University of New Orleans and discuss how TPS works, how to apply for TPS, and how to travel with TPS. It was a great session, and a great morning out at the Lakefront. My presentation is available below. As always, the information contained in this presentation is intended to educate members of the public generally and is not intended to provide solutions to individual problems. Readers are cautioned not to attempt to solve individual problems on the basis of information contained herein and are strongly advised to seek competent legal counsel.

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