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Immigration Myths vs Realities, and Immigration and Kids in Louisiana

Earlier this fall, I was privileged to speak at the Louisiana Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) Conference here in New Orleans. Many of these teachers are on the front lines of the interaction between immigrants and American culture. My talk, “Immigration and Kids in Louisiana: What is Going on and What Can We Do?” looked at the current immigration law environment in Louisiana and what concerned people can do in the short and long term. “Checks and Balances: Fighting Myths with Facts” similarly examined at the national situation with an eye to distinguish the scary myths—many of which are reported by well-meaning media that misses key distinctions—from the realities. 

Here are the Powerpoint presentations for those talks. Obviously, they’re in point form; if you have any questions about them or need the thoughts spelled out, please write me at  

Checks And Balances Myth Vs Fact

Immigration And Kids In Louisiana

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