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Looking Ahead to This Semester's Immigration for Business Course at Loyola

This week started off a new semester for me as an Adjunct Professor at Loyola University New Orleans, School of Law (my alma mater). This semester, I am tackling Immigration for Business, an in-depth look at the ways foreign nationals can work in the United States and obtain permanent residence through work or accomplishments. We will also explore some of my favorite topics of employer compliance and liability as it intersects with immigration issues.  

As it seems that almost every day carries a new announcement of policy or procedure that impacts H-1B status, the ability of companies to move employees internationally, or changes the way applications are processed, I am anticipating an unpredictable syllabus. I am particularly looking forward to the middle of the semester when we will explore a different industry each class. We will look at options for academics and researchers, physicians and health care professionals, athletes and entertainers, and options for entrepreneurs. Our class on the tech industry and the changes we may be seeing for computer professionals as well as start-ups may be one of the most complex topics of the semester.

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