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Window for Hondurans to Re-register for TPS Open Now

On Saturday, Leah Spivey of Gasparian Spivey Immigration will participate in a workshop for Hondurans in the Greater New Orleans Region who will be affected by the Trump Administration’s decision to rescind Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for them. That status will end January 5, 2020, and the re-registration period is open now. Those who wish to re-register must do so by August 6, 2018. Employment Authorization Documents (EAD) for Hondurans under TPS protection will automatically be extended through January 1, 2019. Those who want valid EADs through January 5, 2020 need to re-register for TPS.

The cruelty of the decision to end TPS for people who have lived in the country for 20 years can’t be overstated, particularly when they’re being asked to go home to a country with 56 percent unemployment and levels of violence that cause many to try to cross the U.S./Mexico border without authorization. These people have jobs, started families, and participated in the lives of their communities. To tell them they have to uproot everything they have built in America and go home because Hurricane Mitch is over shows callous disregard for these people’s lives.

At Saturday’s workshop, Leah will discuss options for those seeking permanent residence through employment and meet with individuals to discuss their immigration options. Those who are affected should attend workshops like Saturday’s or consult with an experienced immigration attorney to see what options are available.

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