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Candles for St.Francis Cabrini

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Today - November 13 - is the anniversary of St. Francis Cabrini’s beatification. As immigration lawyers from New Orleans, we admire St. Francis. Her impact on New Orleans and New Orleans immigrants is significant, she is the first naturalized US Citizen to become a saint, and she is noted for her resourcefulness and for her work with and for immigrants. We work to follow her lead.  

In 2018, we asked New Orleans artist Lesley Nash over at Fly Right Gallery to fashion a token of our admiration that we could share. She did such a beautiful job that last year, we asked Lesley to translate our hope for "Bridge not Walls, Ya’ll" into another great piece. We made New Year’s candles with those images, and we have decided to make those candles a tradition for us with 2021 in the works.  

Due to COVID-19, we didn’t get to pass around as many candles as we had hoped, so please hit up Kathleen or Leah if you'd like one.  Also, if you are looking for winter celebration gifts, Fly Right always has unique-to-New Orleans items. We also love working with Lesley to create gifts that fit our style, and we love supporting local businesses.

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