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Getting the NAFSA National Feeling without NAFSA National

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The week of Memorial Day usually marks one of my favorite events—the Association of International Educators (NAFSA) annual conference. Sometimes I am lucky enough to present at this incredibly vibrant and dynamic event, and I always walk away energized and exhilarated about the work the organization does for not only international students and scholars but for U.S. students going abroad to study. I return home feeling globally connected and hopeful for a future of inclusion and connection.  

For obvious reasons, I am still in New Orleans and not in St. Louis, the host city for this year’s conference. But, I am so grateful to NAFSA for allowing me just a little bit of my annual dose of connection through their online 2020 NAFSA eConnection—five days of online learning and collaboration for international educators.  I may not be walking away with a swag bag full of European chocolates and Post-It notes in a variety of shapes and colors, but I am grateful for the hope that I am feeling today. 

Thanks to NAFSA for putting together such an amazing event, all my NAFSA colleagues, and today’s speaker, Travis Sheridan, chief community officer of Wexford Science + Technology, whose discussion on how innovation can heal and does not mean a sacrifice of community identity feels particularly relevant to the challenges facing New Orleans.

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