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Time to Naturalize if You Hope to Vote in 2020

People eligible to apply for naturalization need to do so now if they hope to vote in the elections in November 2020. Processing times vary from field office to field office, but the New Orleans office handles most Louisiana cases, and it projects processing times taking a minimum of 13 to 14 months. Fourteen months from now is October, and we have seen processing take closer to 11 or 12 months. 

The last date to register to vote varies from state to state, but in Louisiana it is in October—October 4, 2020 by mail, October 14 for those who wish to do so online—and Colorado, Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Maine, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont, Wisconsin, and Wyoming all allow registration on Election Day. 

There’s no guarantee that those who apply now will be processed in time to register because the specifics of individual applications may cause delays, but those who wait are less likely to be processed in time to register.

Those who wish to pursue naturalization and hope to do so in a timely way should find an experienced immigration attorney to help applicants avoid delays.

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