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Louisiana AG Landry's Subpoena of Immigrant Support Groups Brings 2020 Revelations to Mind

Mar 24, 2023

photo of Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry for Gasparian Spivey Immigration

Louisiana Attorney General and gubernatorial candidate Jeff Landry is trying to pull off an ugly combo. Landry and a number of Republican AGs have sued the Biden administration over its efforts to pre...

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Have a Plan B for H-1B Lottery

Mar 6, 2023

photo of lottery balls to accompany H-1B visa lottery story

The H1-B visa lottery started last week and runs through Friday, March 17 at 12:00pm Eastern. During this window, employers can apply for visas for skilled workers with 85,000 available. If there are ...

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H-1B Visa Season Approaches with Good and Bad News

Feb 16, 2023

photo of woman at a computer for Gasparian Spivey Immigration

The opening of the H-1B visa lottery season is noon Eastern on March 1, so it’s time for employers and potential employees to prepare to enter it. A recent article in Forbes adds some new data to our ...

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A New Immigration Proposal Blooms in Iowa

Feb 8, 2023

map of the United States with Iowa highlighted for Gasparian Spivey Immigration

On Friday, The New York Times posted an op-ed by Kristie De Peña, Robert Leonard and David Oman that proposed a states-based solution to some of the United States’ immigration issues. They’re in Iowa,...

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DACA Written into "National Treasure"

Jan 31, 2023

photo from National Treasure: Edge of History for Gasparian Spivey Immigration

I started watching National Treasure: Edge of History on Disney+ (no spoilers, please!) this weekend, and one interesting twist is that the lead character is undocumented and registered for Deferred A...

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