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Rice Recognized for International Student Education

Aug 17, 2023

photo of members of Rice University's OISS receiving an award

We’re proud of the work we do connected education, and we’re looking forward to next spring when NAFSA—the National Association of International Educators—brings its national convention to New Orleans...

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Canada Aims at H-1Bs

Jul 5, 2023

One man’s poach is another’s welcome mat. Headline writers found different ways to introduce stories on what Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada has named its new “Tech Talent Strategy.” Th...

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Where Louisiana's Legislature Left "Foreign Adversaries" Bills

Jun 19, 2023

Louisiana state capitol building

We have been watching a number of bills in the Louisiana legislature that would prevent “foreign adversaries” and in particular China from buying land in Louisiana, whether because it is too close to ...

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Proposed Louisiana Bills Targeting "Foreign Adversaries" Have Analogs in Florida, Texas

Jun 6, 2023

As immigration lawyers, we’ve been concerned about Louisiana Senate Bill 91 and House Bill 537, which would prevent residents from China and five other countries designated as “foreign adversaries” fr...

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Louisiana State Bills Would Limit Ability of some Immigrants to Buy Houses, Property

May 26, 2023

Louisiana state capitol building

Conservative state politicians have been dying to get a piece of the anti-immigrant animus that motivates a portion of the Republican base. Louisiana legislators have got their toes wet in the current...

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